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Acanthastrea lordhowensis
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Montipora monasteriata

Coral Reef Aquaria

Offers you Corals for Sale, Gorgonians for Sale, Invertebrates for Sale, and specializing in Rare Corals. Best of all, everything is 100% Aquacultured in house! Coral Reef Aquaria has a simple mission statement we like to refer to as the 3 C’s. Those are Corals, Customers and Conservation.


Here at Coral Reef Aquaria we will do everything in our power to provide the corals under our care with an environment as close to Mother Nature as humanly possible.


We believe in relationships here at Coral Reef Aquaria. Reefers are as unique as the Reef tanks we care for. Through relationship building we provide an individual buying experience. It’s an old fashioned business model but one that we our happy to reintroduce to today’s customers.


Every coral here at a Coral Reef Aquaria is guaranteed 100% Aquacultured in house. Beyond this, our long-term goal is to not only aquaculture every coral but do so using only renewable resources namely the sun and the wind. Until that time, we will donate 10% of net profits to Coral Preservation Charities.

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